I Survived

I Survived

A joyful heart is good medicine,but a broken spirit dries up the bones. Proverbs 17:22

I survived, I survived, I survived the winter
Wood from the fireplace in my fingers as splinters
Layered up clothing is now laid to rest
My jacket will be used as decoration at best

Turn off the heater and turn on the AC
No more stocking up food in the pantry
There’s no snow outside, no, not even ice
The Arctic Blast lasted two nights maybe thrice
But we came out the champions with all limbs in tact
Its sunny and 80, I don’t know how to act

Our whether’s bipolar just a few days ago
The temperatures dipped to 50 below
50 below the current temps you see
Yeah, I know you Northerners will have no sympathy
You think I’m overreacting? Let’s listen to reason
This is Florida, we normally skip winter’s season

Our winter was 48 hours or so
It took no prisoners but I now have a cold
We’ve shifted from summer to winter in a day
And next week we’ll do it again so please pray
I survived the winter, I made it through
If you’re reading this then you too have made it through!

-Melissa M. Rivera
Januray 9, 2014

The Gift of Good-bye

The Gift of Good-bye

With one foot in front of the other

Committed to walking away

She barely looks over her shoulder

At the mess that was yesterday

The triumph, the glory days, the crying, the hellish ways

It’s all behind her now only memories

Happiness is 180 degrees from the things that were

It’s obvious it has occurred to her

That the further

She goes

Down the road

There’s one more step of freedom gained

From all the things that wanted to drive her insane

But she’s a victor not a victim

See how her step has rhythm

She dances to the beat of her own tune

Like watching a flower bloom right in front of you

Though it took her a long time to say good-bye

To the bitterness that was in her eyes

To the unforgiveness in her heart

Cassidy Ann is a work of art

If you painted her on a canvas, it’d be colorful

Naturally full of light and some sparkle

She’s the kind of person who’s a magnet

Hang around her and your world won’t be stagnant

With a laughter that’s contagious

And ideas so outrageous

That it tickles you in the deepest parts within

Her craziness will have you wonderin’

Why didn’t I think of that? It’s brilliant

After all that, she’s still smiling and resilient

It makes me want to be like her

As I reminisce and ponder

The strength and beauty that she brings to everything

I can’t help but to say she’s pulled my heart strings

It’s been so long that I had held onto her

I watch her walk away with tears a blur

She’s the only one that could get rid of

Those around her who didn’t love her

But we’d been childhood friends

I never thought that their’d be an end

It’s no easy task letting go

But I want you all to know

And this may be hard to swallow

But some friends can’t follow

Where she’s going so she’s better off alone

You might wonder who I am

That I’ve known this Cassidy Ann

And now I say this with a sigh

My name? Unhappiness, yes, that’s right

Hold on, I’m not the bad guy

Simply been her companion in life

Well, I was until she gave herself a little gift

A gift that caused this very famous rift

The present? A treasure, it was life

This is when she realized

She saw it in her mind’s eye

That only she could give herself the gift of good-bye.

-Melissa M. Rivera

January 4, 2014

Daily Prompt: Stranded

Daily Prompt: Stranded

You’re stranded in a foreign city for a day with no money and no friends. Where do you go; what do you do?

If I was stranded in a city with no money and no friends

The adventures that would be ahead would definitely depend

I’d need to find a place to lay my head before the dusk

And I’d try real hard to blend right in and find someone I trust

Then I’d go and make some new friends when I chat amongst the crowd

Since I’m Latin and we’re social; it would probably get loud

Oh, we’re on the Tahitian Islands I’ll thank God for all the fruits

And I’ll dance to Polynesian music with some drums and even flutes

I’d take time to learn about their culture and the face behind their smiles

For each person’s face tells a story that to the heart cannot beguile

If I found no roof to cover me then I’d head to the closest beach

Make a pillow out of white sand and count sheep I couldn’t reach

Wake the next day to a new morn and survival hunting too

With a makeshift spear freshly catch my meal; drink some tea when it is brewed

Get a fire going and throw them on along with some plantains

Crack a coconut and drink its water til there’s nothing that remains

I don’t know how long I’ll be here for but I’ll still enjoy my stay

When you’re in a Tahitian Island, how could you not have a great day?

– Melissa M. Rivera

Created 2 Fly Series: Ashley

Created 2 Fly Series: Ashley

Tap, tap, tap! I stood there on one of our beautiful Florida beaches and watched as this fun and quite creative teen stood in front of me tapping her finger on her chin. She’s looked at her surroundings trying to decide what would be the subject of her next photographs. The wheels in my head began to turn as well.  What makes a person want to pick up a camera and start taking pictures? What inspires them to share what they’ve seen through their lens? Photography. It’s an art. It’s an outlet of creativity.  It’s a way to share your perception of the world around you.  Meet Ashley Tadena. She is in the beginning stages of learning about photography.  It’s a growing passion for her.  I sat with Ashley and asked her a few questions to understand what it is about photography that makes her click…point and shoot!

Relax and Stretch by Ashley Tadena

Relax and Stretch by Ashley Tadena

When did you first start?

Ashley says, “I first started photography in 9th grade when I was taking a Photography class.”  That’s when she realized how much she truly enjoyed honing in on her perspective of an object.  Soon enough she was posting these pics for all of us to see!

Every expert was once a beginner.  Ashley knows this, which is why she has taken the time to learn, to create and to continue to focus on getting the right lighting, environment and clarity for a great shot.  She’s humble, teachable and open to the possibilities of what she can do.

Look Up by Ashley Tadena

Look Up by Ashley Tadena

Intrigued with her new found interest in photography, I asked her if she remembered the first time she shared her work with someone.

She said, “The time I shared my work was when I had to present my First photo project. I was nervous when I had to present my photos to the class because everyone that went already did an amazing job. Then it was my turn to present. After I presented my pictures the teacher was impressed on the work and asked me if I could be her photographer for the year book.”  Wow! Talk about quick discovery.

I asked Ashley what it is about photography that captures her?

She said, “I love that photography captures a special moment or story of a person, place, or thing. It can capture a message or a natural beauty of the world we might take for granted.”

Photo by Ashley Tadena

Photo by Ashley Tadena

Out of the many pictures you’ve taken, which one is your favorite to date and why?

I honestly don’t have a favorite photo yet .

What is your vision or motto in photography?

I don’t have a motto yet.

Do you ever see yourself doing this professionally? Why or why not?

Yes, I can see myself as a professional photographer because I have the passion and creative eye to capture a great image that people can admire or relate to. I would like to work for either National Geographic or CNN.

It’s great to dream and do which is why Ashley has not only been willing to photograph for her high school yearbook but is also being mentored by a professional photographer.  Do not despise the days of small beginnings because we all must start somewhere.  Way to go, Ashley! Walt Disney said it best, “Keep moving forward.”

For those of you that are in the beginning stages of photography, here are a couple of great sites with tips, tricks, tutorials and guidance. Get ready to snap those fingers as you soar into another level of photography!

Photography for Beginners websites

http://photographyforbeginnersblog.com/   I like this blog because Elliot the blogger is all about paying it forward. According to his blog, Elliot likes to learn, then share and teach.  I do too, Elliot! Thanks for sharing.

http://beginnersphotographyblog.com/   Ingrid Owens of Camera Shy blogs with several tips, tricks & tutorials for beginners.

http://digital-photography-school.com/11-tips-for-beginner-photographers  Darren Rowse gives excellent advice.  This is geared for digital photography but some of these may apply to all. Worth the read!

Clicking off for now,

Your Friend Mel

Created 2 Fly Series

Created 2 Fly Series

We were born with imagination, creativity and the ability to break out of the box! Soar to new heights with this kaleidoscope of artists. Introducing the Created 2 Fly series. Focusing on various arts by people I’ve been surrounded with in different stages(beginner, intermediate, advanced, professional levels) in life. They’ll be sharing their likes, what brought them to where they are and will share some of their work with us. Come along and see what has these artists growing, developing and soaring in the arts are doing now and where they’ll be going next.

Soaring off,

Your Friend Mel

Surf’s Up!

Surf’s Up!

Surfing…it’s freedom in the water. When you catch a wave.  Yet catching a wave takes, precision, skill and timing.  Check out the picture below.  Watch how it comes to life if you click on the picture! How cool is that?

Through the Eyes of Another

The picture was posted by a guest poster who didn’t leave their name on daylol.com so I couldn’t credit it properly but I’m definitely glad they shared their perspective with us.  Thanks, whoever you are!

Back to surfing(the web),

Your Friend Mel

Illumination: Good-bye, Daytime!

Illumination: Good-bye, Daytime!

Florida sunsets are rarely disappointing.  I love to see the array of colors in the skies as evening comes.  The skies are expressive with a unique touch to each sunrise and sunset.  I don’t tire of looking up and seeing what the next one shows of God’s creative ways.


Your Friend Mel